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Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)

Certified Nurse Aides, also called Home Health Aides, have successfully completed state approved training including classroom studies and direct patient care in a medical setting.  The certification process includes successful outcomes on both a written examination and practical skills demonstration.  Certified Nurse Aides work under the direct supervision of a nurse to deliver high-quality, First Class patient care.   

Skilled Nursing

As in other clinical settings, the home health care nurse works under the supervision of a physician to administer medical services to the patient while the patient resides at home. When the clinical setting and the home are one in the same, the home health care nurse often encounters circumstances very different from the controlled environments of a hospital or skilled nursing facility. For example, the patient may be more resistant to complying with dietary restrictions. It is important for the home health care nurse to tap into her skills of persuasion to respectfully urge the patient to comply, be adept at educating the Home Health Aide and the family on what constitutes the best choices, and be flexible enough to know that a spoonful of ice cream at lunch may be offset by extra reps with the Physical Therapist in the afternoon.

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Physical Therapy (PT)

The stress-free environment of home coupled with the one-on-one attention patients receive from a physical therapist at home could be the jump start needed for recovery. In-home Physical Therapy also allows the patient to invest their energy directly into the therapy regimen, not to the travel involved in getting to therapy.

Occupational Therapy (OT)

In addition to helping people with their individual activities of daily living, occupational therapists help people make their home safer, problem solve, and assist people throughout the lifespan participate in activities as desired. Home is the perfect campus to help a patient learn new skills or regain existing skills needed to succeed in activities of daily living. If your individual activities of daily living include a compact backswing for golf or hitting the perfect overhead smash for tennis, an Occupational Therapist can help you get there.

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